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September 2022

Inform dossier published as a special supplement to the specialist journal Medianet

Accompany our “Inform family” on a customer journey that you can take while shopping, from buying a parking ticket via NFC-payment, for the people counting and customer frequency measurement, up to the queuing system and leads to the self-checkout of the supermarket.
The dog treats come while you wait in front of the shop via age check and contactless payment from the snack machine and the long-awaited stuffed teddy bear – luckily it’s available at the pick-up station – which thank God is in operation 24/7.

We hope you enjoy reading our dossier, which, in the interplay of comic drawings and technical content, is intended to outline our company and our products and services in an entertaining and yet as informative way as possible.
Dossier Inform – Customer Journey Retail Technologies (pdf) – medianet 09/2022

Reception management, queue management, customer frequency analysis, self-check-in, self-checkout, Click & Collect pick-up station, POS systems, contactless payment, contactless payment, age query, NFC

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