NFC payment systems in children’s leisure devices now ensure an even better mood while shopping!

NFC Kinder Zahlungen

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Vienna, September 2022
Mums, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, mini rocket, racing car, airplane operators and much more. watch out…

Because for the little ones among us, it could be even faster and safer in the shopping center to go to the race track, to dizzy heights or even into space… !
How? Simply hold your mobile phone, bank or credit card to the NFC reader that will hopefully be available in the ticket machine and you’re good to go start the adventure for the little riding, flying and racing pioneers. smiley
Our NFC payment systems guarantee that this bill for accompanying persons from mini-adventurers with certainty:

ZERO searching for coins
+ ZERO canceled trips and flights due to jammed coin slots
= ZERO discussion and NEVER again tears because a much-desired short trip is cancelled.

Sounds good right? Therefore our tip for all children’s ride machine operators: “It’s best to order NFC payment systems from us as soon as possible!” smiley
We are sure – you’ll like IT!

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