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People counting and access control systems

to contain the Covid 19 risk of infection on highly frequented indoor and outdoor business areas! Our systems ensure the exact counting of incoming and outgoing people and prompts customers to wait or to enter.

Further features:

  • Real-time evaluations
  • 2-day analysis
  • Simple dashboard display  
  • Editing from any PC, smartphone or tablet


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Visitor frequency measurement, customer frequency analysis

By using our high-precision sensors you will always know how many people are currently visiting your store, where your biggest hotspots are located and which areas are frequented only sparsely. The detection of human objects is performed in compliance with data protection regulations, and with 99.8% accuracy.

All performance metrics of your company are analyzed in real-time and can be evaluated in detail. This data provides a valuable basis for the implementation of marketing measures which are aimed at increasing your sales.

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