Inform NFC systems for age verification and payment for the first automatic communion wine dispenser!

Messwein Zapfautomat mit NFC Zahlung und Altersabfrage

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Vienna, October 2022

In front of the basilica in Frauenkirchen you can now quench your thirst with wine. For one euro, the yellow vending machine, which bears the name “Messwein-Tankstelle”, dispenses a sixteenth of a litre of chilled communion wine.
This is operated via a touchscreen, which allows a selection of four different communion wines, as well as the dispensing system behind it from the Hollabrunn company Redl.
Payment and age verification are cashless via the NFC terminal installed on the machine from Inform GmbH.

The idea for this came from the technology-loving Franciscan priest Thomas Lackner, who wanted to lure more people into the church with the quote “the communion wine station is for the throat, the church for the soul”.
The concept “Tasting TO GO”, where small quantities are “tapped” and consumed on site, has great potential thanks to the contactless age query option we developed using the credit card!” – says Inform Managing Director Stefanie Kern.

“In some places, customer cards are already being issued, on which the consumption is first booked and later paid for in full at the cash register. We know this from self-service wine dispensers in hotels or from wine shops, where there may be wine advice, but the classic hospitality is missing. Thanks to the Inform development in the NFC area, the checkout process that requires staff is bypassed, and you pay directly at the tap, provided the age is right!”

Payment system developer Inform is a long-standing expert in the field of self-service applications and is the only company to offer NFC systems that can be used as an access system via the bank card payment system in the event of an age restriction, or as an age query and payment solution for vending machines.

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