NFC terminals from Inform have “that certain something extra”

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Vienna, October 2022.
The Vienna-based IT expert and payment systems developer Inform GmbH has experience dealing with Cashless payment options in the self-service area since 1999. Managing Director Stefanie Kern explains how they differ from the competition on the market by emphasizing special features of the in-house solutions. One thing becomes clear: With Inform, you can’t just pay – the company also has a strong focus on all the trappings and covering all customer needs.

Triumph of NFC systems

“NFC systems are currently conquering the world of self-service sales points at breakneck speed,” explains Kern. In the meantime, “there are also foreign payment system providers on the Austrian market – admittedly with a similar design, but the services behind them vary. All systems fulfill their main purpose – namely to enable contactless payment.”

“However, for many years we have made it our task to work together with the vending machine operators to cover the exact needs of the market. If you start a comparison, it becomes clear where the differences are hidden. If you, as the operator of a self-service point of sale, want to offer products that require an age check due to age restrictions, you will not find an alternative to Inform systems where the age check can be conveniently carried out with the ATM card right at the payment terminal” explains Kern. Only Inform can currently provide this service – and in order to make it possible, the company “went through complex development processes in cooperation with several payment transaction providers”.

In terms of sales development, too, we have “adapted to the needs of our customers and partners and we have chosen payment service providers who promise a payment guarantee of three bank working days,” says the managing director. This ensures that the vending machine operator’s sales are “quickly and clearly transferred”.

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