“Can another cash register be opened, please?”

SB Kasse POS

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Vienna, July 2022

Who doesn’t know the situation and the feeling of having ended up in the “wrong” queue again?😉

But does it exist – the best queue? And do you really want to wait at the checkout for your daily shopping at a time when you are becoming more and more familiar with self-service offers?

Self-checkout systems not only ensure an improved and positively perceived shopping experience – their flexible and modular configurability makes it possible to use them from “small to large” in almost every industry as a self-service checkout. As a partner of #DieboldNixdorf and an expert in queue management, we are happy to provide information on how you can transform your existing checkout zones into a relaxed “pay drive in”. For more information, it is best to contact us here! Diebold Nixdorf self-checkout tills – for smoother shopping processes and more satisfied customers… We are sure – you’ll like IT! POS systems, NFC, queuing systems, queue, self-checkout, self-service checkout, self-service, contactless payment

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