Farewell to the queue — “Pay-Drive in” OK!

Self-checkout Kassen

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Vienna, June 2022

It’s really tight again, and going to the supermarket is indispensable. A glance at the queues at the cash registers is enough to decide immediately that payment will go to the – thank God – existing #SelfCheckout cash register. Why waste your personal time unnecessarily with waiting when you can pay without queuing?

No sooner thought than done. Everything is scanned within a few seconds and paid for via #NFC, and it feels fantastic that you were able to outsmart the time-wasting #queue.

The stop at the self-checkout register – a trend that is becoming more and more popular, since today’s systems provide precise and unambiguous instructions during the payment process so that most payment processes can be completed without errors and without interruptions.

As a partner of Diebold Nixdorf, we can turn checkout processes into a self-checkout experience wherever you want to convert the space for checkout conveyor belts and queues into revenue-generating sales areas and use checkout employees for other important activities. Advice desired? Oh, we like IT – because there is actually so much more to say about it… 😊

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