Customer queuing solutions untangle every queue and make room for impulse purchases

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Vienna, November 2022
In recent years, fueled by the pandemic, there has been an upward trend in the use of automated call systems.
Rightly so, because digital support has advantages in everyday dealings with waiting people that aren’t to be underestimated.
In short, they ensure less tension on all sides. On the one hand, waiting people get an overview of the estimated waiting time when they take their ticket on site and can leave the waiting area again if necessary, look around for other products in the shop or only show up shortly before the appointment. On the other hand, a pre-selection of the required service at the self-check-in terminal enables the staff to structure work processes and to respond more specifically to the concerns of customers, clients or patients.
Since the retail trade is often accompanied by personnel changes, automated customer support makes sense.
Advisory positions can be structured into different activity processes – from simple to complex – depending on the level of knowledge of the employee, in order to receive customers in a targeted manner and to be able to look after you.
Feelings such as stress or discomfort, which can normally arise in the course of dealing with a long queue in the waiting customer and in the person behind the counter, are avoided in this way.
Of course, it is also possible to conveniently book all appointments in advance via the web or smartphone!
And another very important thing: since there isn’t THE one perfect system for all target groups, we always strive, even for special cases, to find custom solutions to requests in the area of ​​automated customer processing.

Since 2012, Inform has specialized in automated waiting zone solutions with reception systems, call systems and queuing systems.
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