Access control for self-service shops

Zutrittskontrolle / Altersprüfung SB-Bereich

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April 20023

Not only the payment process at vending machines, but also secure access to self-service shops can be made possible with our “all-rounder terminal”.
Holding the debit card triggers an impulse that opens the door. If products with age restrictions are offered, a debit card will be used to check at the terminal whether the legally stipulated minimum age has been reached before entry. If age-restricted goods are offered for sale in the self-service shop in a separately locked (refrigerator) cabinet, the age query for opening the cabinet door is only made here and general access to the shop remains unrestricted. The use of NFC vending machine terminals is suitable for all types of “unmanned sales” and generally for all self-service operators due to the many functions.

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We also have the right solution for locations in and around Germany. With an additional terminal card, the age check can also be carried out with the German Girocard.
Payment system developer Inform is a long-standing expert in the field of self-service applications and is the only company to offer NFC systems that can be used as an access system via the debit card payment medium in the event of an age restriction, or as an age query and payment solution at vending machines be used. More information or information…

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