Why the age verification is so important

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Vienna, April 2023

By law, alcohol cannot be sold unmanned without possible personal age checks and ID checks. Since January 1, 2009, cigarette vending machine operators have had to ensure that people under 18 can no longer purchase cigarettes from their machines. You only need to use the figures from the machine operators as evidence: up to 210,000 age checks are carried out per year on highly frequented machines, with an average of 130,000 queries. The age verification is therefore currently a hot topic for many retailers. For example, over 70% of Inform’s NFC terminals in the field are delivered with this feature. Inform has now delivered 10,000 NFC machine terminals with the Age Verification feature, and the trend is rising rapidly.

This has been on Inform’s agenda since 2005: at that time, the offline age verification (age check) was available via the Quick electronic wallet, in whose development and market launch Inform played a key role. With the abolition of Quick, Inform developed PSA’s (Payment Service Austria GmbH) age identifier on their NFC ATM terminals in 2019 to provide users with much-needed alternatives. Inform is a long-standing expert in the field of self-service applications and is the only company to offer NFC systems that are used as an access system in the event of an age restriction, or as an age query and payment solution at vending machines via the debit card payment medium. Alternatively, you can find document scanners and app solutions on the market, but to date no solution is as proven and simple as online queries using Austrian debit and credit cards. (red)

The entire article was published as Medianet Beitrag.

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