inform: smart pickup stations with cooling function

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Pick-up stations characterize our streetscape and are being used more and more.

Vienna, March 2024

The goodies for recipients of goods are obvious. No waiting times at the checkout, no waiting and attendance times at the delivery address. IT service provider inform is working with Modern Expo, a leading Eastern European retail solution provider whose technology is also available with refrigeration and freezing functions for food retailers.

Eliminating travel distances, saving time and shipping costs are just a few examples of how retailers benefit from pick-up stations as the “last mile of shopping”.
By placing them in strategic locations, retailers are able to expand their own accessibility and offer maximum convenience.

The smart, modular compartments from Modern Expo can be arranged as required and guarantee maximum reliability thanks to clever security mechanisms. Perishable products are stored at the prescribed storage temperatures. Automated reminder functions for customers and retailers ensure that the maximum storage period is never exceeded.

Demo demonstrations on request at:

The article was also published via Medianet.


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