Digital advertising opportunity on Inform vending machine terminals

Digitale Werbung Verkaufsterminal

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Vienna, January 2023

In 2022, the 13,000th NFC vending machine terminal from Inform GmbH went into operation in the domestic self-service sales sector. In addition, a new feature has recently become operational on the systems.

A valuable distinguishing feature compared to other automated terminals on the market, as the NFC payment transaction expert assures. Anyone offering age-restricted products in their vending machines and wanting to install a single system for age verification and payment has been relying on Inform NFC vending machine terminals for years.
“The local added value in the area of ​​software development makes us particularly proud!” , says Inform Managing Director Stefanie Kern, with a view to the interface developed by Inform for age queries and payment processing in interaction with the various acquirers. “The control and monitoring of the ongoing terminal operations is also carried out by Inform – in other words in Austria!” – Kern continues and adds what machine operators can expect from Inform with a thousand percent certainty: “Service, service and more service as well as decades Payments expertise!”

Speaking of service – Inform NFC vending machine terminals can now display images and advertising videos!
Digital advertising on vending machines is now available and opens up completely new ways for vending machine operators to communicate with their customers compared to conventional readers without a display! Click here for Medianet article.

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