The automated untangling of queues has the potential to increase sales

Aufrufsystem Warteschlange

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Vienna, November 2022

If customers stand in line every day, you should think about automation. Because reception and call systems not only serve to reduce waiting times – they enable more precise personnel planning, free-up resources and can help to increase sales. The advantages of automated queue management can be summed up in a nutshell like this or something similar – although the full range of what is actually possible is not revealed from it. It doesn’t have to, either, because it is often enough to adjust a few small screws to achieve greater success. In the modern world, this also includes letting those waiting, wait in such a way that they can act independently and possibly make purchasing decisions. Being stuck in a queue in front of a cash register or counter instead of being able to look at the shop range in peace while waiting – who doesn’t know it?

Spontaneous buying impulses and the desire to look around the shop again after being served at the counter automatically disappear, because you would have to queue again.

“Unfortunately, a lot of purchasing potential is lost here every day!” says Erich Krejcirik, Inform Senior Sales Manager.

According to the motto: “Don’t miss any more sales opportunities – because those who leave the queue usually also leave the shop without looking for other products!” – Inform will embark on a advice tour throughout Austriain November 2022 > to draw attention to the advantages of queuing systems in detail. Information about the simplest applications through to complex solutions, including appointment management, will be included.

The retail expert, who has been working in the field of queue management for 10 years, supports companies and institutions in the automated processing of visitors in their heavily frequented queuing and waiting areas. Further information and information
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