Measurement of customer path and residence time

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Measurement of customer path and residence time

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Make your shop smarter and find out more about the behavior of your customers! 

We determine customer paths and show you when, where and for how long customers are staying on a specific location in your shop. Walkways, dwell times and waiting times at the checkout can be registered. The duration of the whole stay in your store is recorded - completely anonymous, without personal data collection and in full compliance with data protection regulations.

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Get to know your business better

Recognize hotspots and less busy areas at a glance, and use this data to optimize your shop design.





Find out what your customers are interested in

Our systems show you the walking paths of your customers, and measure how long they stay in your shop.



High-precision 3d sensors show you

the high and low-turnover areas in your shop at the touch of a button!

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