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Product expert Erich Krejcirik
Erich Krejcirik
Sales Manager
T: +43 664 4507777
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Self-service machines

Product profile

Our self-service kiosks for tickets, gift cards or vouchers spare your customers the waiting time at a checkout counter. They help to improve your customer service and relieve your counter staff from routine tasks. An intuitive and user-friendly touch screen menu guarantees a fast order process and a secure payment process.

Areas of application

Contact us: Erich.Krejcirik@inform.at







Our self-service machines

are suitable for many applications. We offer customized solutions and quality from Austria at a fair price.




Only the right painting makes a perfect finish

We incorporate your vending machines in any desired colour scheme.


Stand-alone device oder part of a presentation area

Through offering a choice of colors our machines suits into all environments.

Ticket machine, voucher machine, gift card machine, infoterminal

Do you need a self-service solution for more locations?
Ask us about the possibilities!

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