Payment systems for self-service areas

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Payment systems for self-service areas

Product profile

As an efficient alternative to expensive cash handlings we provide contactless payment solutions based on the NFC-technology by use of Maestro or rechargeable electronic    purses. All our payment processes guarantee a fast and secure transaction. 

Our systems are equipped with an age verification mechanism for child and youth protection.

Areas for application:

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Inform's newly developed systems

are already installed in more than 2.500 laundry rooms of non-profit social housing projects.

Contactless payment at self-service machines

Available for vending and cigarette machines, for all kinds of ticket machines and also for charging systems.



Contactless payment systems based on NFC technology

Our official follow-up product to Austrian's electronic purse "QUICK".



We also provide cashless systems for educational institutions

for the use of vending and copy machines and for payment in cafeterias and university canteens. 

One tap solution - only available from us

Age verification and payment transaction in just one step! Ask us!

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