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Wien, March 2018

Neues Zahlungssystem für den gemeinnützigen Wohnbau

Inform setzt neue Zahlungssysteme mit NFC-Technologie als offizielles QUICK-Nachfolgeprodukt großflächig in österreichischen Waschküchen ein. 

Wien, July 2017

Inform stattet Parkscheinautomaten in Klagenfurt mit NFC-Zahlungssystem aus

Seit Anfang April ist an rund 120 Parkscheinautomaten die kontaktlose Bezahlung mittels Maestro-Bankomatkarte und Mastercard möglich. Das neue Zahlungssystem löst die elektronische Geldbörse Quick an Automaten ab und soll österreichweit zum Einsatz kommen.

Vienna, January 2017

High precision video surveillance sytstem pass the coldtest

For several weeks, the security systems had to prove their reliability within the -24 degrees Celsius environment of the deep-frozen warehouse of the food logistics company TKL. Now, INFORM received the go-ahead for the installation of the first security cameras in the TKL-warehouse Wiener Neudorf.

Vienna, January 2017

Inform installs tracking systems for a complete monitoring and traceability of parcels at the Austrian Post

Due to ever-growing online trading, the Austrian Post is focused on a continuous monitoring of shipments in all its new distribution centers. Precise sensor technologies - installed in a height of 8 meters - helps to swiftly localize lost, stolen or misdirected parcels on the conveyor belt.

Vienna, February 2017

Austrian 24/7 self service solutions for post offices presented in Hongkong

Inform displayed its solutions for 24h postage and shipping on the world's largest letter, parcel and logistics fair on May 24-26 in Hong Kong. In Austria, there are already more than 300 locations that offer around-the-clock self-service zones.

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